Thursday, October 28, 2004

Gluwein season is here. Hurrah! I got moderately drunk beneath a cold clear sky this weekend. I was supposed to be working on a presentation for Friday (which is now tomorrow and I am still not done). Instead, I decided to wander. This is how I discovered the gluwein kiosk run by a very Bavarian looking woman with a Yorkshire accent playing Um-pah music. It was part of an international festival which was predominately French baked goods and Dutch tulips. I sat there with a friend for most of the day trading office gossip (Did you hear? S. told D. that she wasn’t going to speak to M. because he is black and voted republican.) Afterwards, we continued at a pub and then back at the flat. Not a bad day of procrastination. Now, I am typing the story to procrastinate further. I have managed to write a pirate joke into the presentation.

Q: What is a pirate’s favourite type of dialogue?
A: Aaarrrgumenation.

Can you see why I am procrastinating?

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