Thursday, November 25, 2004

Are there cobblers in America? Along the road I live cobblers are sprinkled liberally about. They usually have a secondary trade such as making keys and/or selling cheap gold watches. I have taken their existence for granted. All cities have little old men in cobbler shops. Do they? That is the question that came to my mind yesterday. I have noticed already I am unable to answer the 'How do they say it in America?' questions, and I say things like 'cheers' and 'wee'. I don't purposefully ape british speech and expression. It is just an unconcious human tendency to assimilate. I was in New York in July and asked a secruity gaurd where the 'lift' was! I could only imagine what his opinion was of the pompous twit asking where the life was in his thick american accent. So, now when someone asks me how I would pronounce something or what is the 'american' word for that. I cannot answer as quickly as I once did. It is the same for America in general. I can't remember the everyday details I once took for granted because I grew up in America or because I now see them everyday on my way to work. It is an odd state of mind that brings up even odder questions such as "Are there cobblers in America?"

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