Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hello. I'll be your Pariah for today.

Our intrepid narrator stepped outside into the pend shared by all the flats of our building. Already there were the two American mothers corralling their spawn as they wandered and staggered like the drunk monkeys that all children remind me of. They live above me; both the husbands are studying at the university. As they made a lunge for a limb or shifted a baby's weight to another hip, they chatted. We made our friendly salutations and one of the women asked me if I was counting the days. The question took me by surprise, but before I could process it the other parent answered for me, "No. He likes it here." The tone of her voice would have been more appropriate for outted me as a bukkake enthusiast, not that acknowledging that I like living outside the US. As a footnote, the questioner comes from El Paso. For you language buffs El Paso is Spanish for "The latrine".

Words I taught my spellchecker, "bukkake, outted, and pend."

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