Thursday, April 07, 2005

Deadlines that looked small upon the horizon of my dayplanner now loom like giants casting frightening shadows over my shoulder. I can feel their breath in the form of emails enquiring about the progress of work not started. Yet, today I drifted between naps, checking email, making half-hearted attempts to be productive, and fixing cups of tea. The first half of this week, I was on holiday. Or more correctly I was on someone else’s holiday. Visitors from the New World came into town and I happily played tour guide to my city. I showed them all my favourite places. It was an enjoyable time, but now the normalcy of everyday has taken their place on the air mattress. A part of me has refused to believe that I must return to the dull responsibilities that didn’t seem to bother me so much before the arrival of our guests. The end of their visit reminded me that the only chance to see the friends we left behind will come in weeklong bursts. Luckily, I live somewhere that is holiday worthy to draw them over. So, I am resigned to inactivity today and hope tomorrow I can slip back into the normal routine.


  1. You spelled favorite with a "u". Damn foreigner.

  2. I prefer dirty foreigner. thank you very much.