Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bus Report

From a high open window I saw the flapping of a black and red cape. I got excited imagining Zorro about to end it all upon the pavement below. I was disappointed to see that it was nothing more than a curtain1 flapping in the breeze.

I thought I read a brass plaque that read, “Homophobic Practice”. I started to imagine a classroom with one student standing, “I even have gay friends, but . . .” and the teacher cutting him short by shouting “No. No. No. More bigotry. More bigotry. damnit. Straight out with it. Just say, I just wish they wouldn’t kiss in public. None of this ‘I have gay friends but’ crap.” On second glance the sign read “Homeopathic Practice”. My mistake.

Also, I am amazed at the number of huge bellies sported by otherwise tiny teenage girls. I am talking about guts that would make a Bavarian man jealous. I’m pretty sure they were not pregnant either as none of them were smoking.

I overheard this conversation awhile ago.
"Were you at the protests?"
"Yeah. I was where it got nasty."
"Were you throwing bricks at the police and shit?" he said smiling.
"Well. I did throw one brick at a policeman."
"What?!?" The smile switched to astonishment.
"I mean it was only a small one."
"A small rock is still a rock."
"No. no. no. It as a small policeman. The rock was fuckin' huge! It knocked him tits over ass it did."

1)Who the hell has black and red satin curtains?

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