Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Around the university there is a high concentration of rich idiots. Now, don't get me wrong being rich doesn't make an idiot, but idiots being rich does makes them unbearable. It imbues them with a mistaken sense of entitlement, and an overinflated sense of self importance. For examples try listening to the radio four radio program "You and Yours". The American equivalent are called "frat boys". For examples try listening to our president.

The particular genus of subhumans that plague this city spend most of their days clogging the pavement to chat about skiing holidays like the human cholesterol that they are. Another pastime is to stare mesmerized at their mobile phones to text about 'totty' and 'Zim'. This in itself is inoffensive. The problem is they insist on walking as well and force you to pay attention and stay out of their path. I call Bullshit. Instead, I like to play chicken with the added fun of screaming bloody murder if they still do not notice my presence when we are one to two meters apart. They are cutest when they are confused and frightened. I then smile, say, 'sorry. I didn't see you.' and continue on my way with a pinch of joy in my heart.

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