Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You know what really irks me about bigots besides them being closed minded and nasty. They’re so predicable. They lack imagination. They always seem to figure out that their race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual preference is the best. There are Belgian Walloons that think Walloonity is the pinnacle of the human race and non-walloons are somehow lacking that certain special wallooness that makes them so great. I can’t decide if that is sadder than it is funny or vice versa.

I’d be much more impressed with Eugenics, if a lab coated Aryan called a press conference and announced, “Well, we were sure that Caucasians were more evolved, but we were wrong. Doctor Ernie rightly pointed out how hairy and monkey-like we are. That got us thinking and it turns out that an Asian ethnic tribe in southwest china is the most evolved. I mean these guys are sleek.” The doctor then whistles and winks at the bewildered press, “Thank you. I will now take questions.”

Or, conversations that begin “I’m not racist but . . .” finished with a comment like “but the problem with us is . . .”

But, alas no. It is always the other that has it wrong. Let the Walloons be our example of an other that clearly has it wrong about us.

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  1. I just looked at my site statistics and someone found my journal by search "Why do grannies put blue rinse in their hair". That makes me so happy. Also, someone searched for "puffy eyes after skiing" and got my page. I could not imagine a more unhelpful page to find for that poor afflicted skier. Ha! Ha! Ha!