Sunday, May 28, 2006

You know what I like about extreme right wingers. They really believe their crazy shit. I have a hard time imagining some flag waving god-botherer making clandestine contributions to the ACLU. Yet, the same zealot whose ten-foot puppet of a beady eyed Uncle Sam is ready at a moments notice to defend democracy can’t put the bong down long enough to cross the street to the church which is his local polling station. Saving the rain forest is fine as long as it means some poor spic can’t poach logs or shoot an endangered monkey, but to hell with you if it means I can’t take that road trip to Boulder in my polluting gas guzzling truck. There never seems to be much conviction with the left. The only true revolutionaries and do-gooders I ever met wore suits. Blah. Blah. Blah. Whatever. I’m boring myself.

In other news. Here’s the other Dr. J.

In other other news.

World cup is coming! I’m not a dedicated sports fan but its hard not to feel the anticipation as is comes closer and closer. I’m really behind the US team this year as it drives the Europeans nuts when they win at a sport most Americans think is a children’s game. FYI. The US team is in the top ten world ranking

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