Sunday, April 02, 2006

He sat leaning against the seat back in front of him. His arm was draped over and you could read the letters of H-A-T-E on each knuckle. Instinctively you look to the other hand to read the punchline, but no L-O-V-E is found there. Did he have no love to match his hate? Or did he simply lack the attention, the time, or the cash to complete the tattoo. The tattoo was old, having become a dull and unfocused green blue. The E was significantly more faded than the other letters, and a cursory glance would be a sufficient excuse for thinking his fingers read 'HAT'. What strange possible explanations you contemplate when considering a man with a fist that read 'hat'. Could it be that whole word or maybe upon the other hand letters completed a term that four fingers alone could not contain. You could have the whole bus ride trying to think of four letter prefixes to H-A-T.

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