Friday, April 28, 2006

I might of mentioned him before but there is a guy that wanders around city centre that walks around blowing quick raspberries to fellow pedestrians. I had been told about him awhile back. He'll be standing at a crosswalk with a crowd of people or in amongst the commuting throng and make a fart noise with his mouth. She said that's all he does, he never speaks, just blows raspberries and she sees him doing it at all times of the day. She mused about the other people's confused looks as they tried to determine the source of the flatulence. Several weeks later, I was walking with my friend when she spotted the Raspberry man. She discretely pointed him out, and when we crossed paths in the intersection I blew a raspberry at him. His reply was, "Good day, sir." and he tipped his hat like a gentleman.

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