Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There are books I read and reread as the faithful read their scriptures. They and I find it replenishes a momentary deficiency of faith. It reinforces the belief that man is capable of attaining things greater than that which seems possible from these humble organisms our souls inhabit. In times of doubt and uncertainty I know for the believer that providence presents them with the exact passage that best addresses the issue that confronts them. I seem to find the same serendipitous solace in literature. Currently, Ask the Dust by John Fante is providing the answers that I seek. It has given me answers better formed than the questions I have posed. Fante has foresaw my troubles and wrote their solutions down generations earlier and they give me guidance today. Surely this is as divinely inspired as the revelations written thousands of years ago that still give the devout of today peace.

Where I was found wanting, Arturo Bandini has provided. Amen.

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